Everything you need for your easy DIY Troop Beverly Hills costume, including Troop Beverly Hills sweatshirts and tee shirts

Everything You Need for Your Troop Beverly Hills Costume

 Looking for a fun and easy DIY Troop Beverly Hills costume for Halloween, cosplay, or a Troop Beverly Hills party? Look no further, Wilderness Girl! We're here to hook you up! 

As Troop Beverly Hills enthusiasts ourselves, we've been bummed to find that most Troop Beverly Hills costume ideas involve either a ton of sewing (that's a no from us) or being lucky enough to find the perfect random mishmosh of vintage items on sale and in your size.

Our Troop Beverly Hills sweatshirts and tees, designed for everyday wear, make THE cutest Troop Beverly Hills costumes with just a little bit of accessorizing! Get that merit badge, babe! 

Get a Troop Beverly Hills Sweatshirt 

Want an easy Troop Beverly Hills Costume? Get our Troop Beverly Hills Sweatshirt. Hand-illustrated by us, all you need to add are your accessories to really jazz it up.

To add that Phyllis Nefler vibe, we'd add a bejeweled collar dickey like this one from Etsy - you put it on under the sweatshirt, and it gives the cute look of a jeweled collared shirt underneath without the bulk of an actual button-down.

Snag this jeweled dickey on Etsy here

We know Phyllis would add some more glitz, so pile on the jewelry, babe. Start with some vintage costume jewelry - if you need a buying guide, start with ours

  • Jeweled brooches on the lapel - we'd go nuts with two or three clustered together. We know Phyllis was over the top, so if you find an especially outré or weird one, even better.

Buy this set on Etsy here

  • Vintage 80s clip on earrings that you find at the thrift store
  • Costume jewelry bracelets up both wrists. Go for quantity! 

What would Phyllis wear on the bottom? Probably a ballgown skirt, but it depends on where you're wearing it. Here are some ideas:

  • Wear it with shorts, if it's warm outside. Dressy shorts are trés Phyllis, denim shorts are more Wilderness Girl.
  • Bedazzled jeans if you can find them. Or regular jeans with jazzy flats
  • Cigarette pants with again, jazzy shoes to dress it up.
  • Add pleated khaki culottes if you wanna go full Phyllis. 

Get a Troop Beverly Hills Shirt

We have not one, but TWO Troop Beverly Hills shirts in our shop! For a Troop Beverly Hills costume, we'd style them similarly to the sweatshirt.

mother daughter mommy and me troop beverly hills costume idea DIY

  • Pile on the brooches and jewelry 
  • Blowout your hair and get some real 80s volume 
  • Add a ballgown skirt or tulle ballerina skirt on the bottom. You can find them at thrift stores, or head to Etsy - we love these tulle skirts for adults
  • If you want the Wilderness Girls look, add a backpack (real backpack or designer backpack), sneakers (hiking boots or cute designer sneakers), and a hat. We like the wink-wink humor of mixing in hiking boots with a Balenciaga baseball hat or something.


Other Things to Add to Your Troop Beverly Hills Costume

We love our Troop Beverly Hills shirts cause they make an easy DIY Troop Beverly Hill Costume - you don't need to sew anything or hunt down an authentic camping uniform. Here are other ways to dress up your outfit with glam Beverly Hills style accessories:

    • Add fun sunglasses. Anything big, Old Hollywood style, or with rhinestones on it should work. 
    • Binoculars around your neck
    • For your hair, blowdry it and get some 80s volume. Or, add a red wig - but good wigs are expensive and cheap wigs look bad. You're better off with a good blow dry - here are a few tutorials:

Buy Your Troop Beverly Hills Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Costumes 

You can get your Troop Beverly Hills shirts and sweatshirts right here! 

Just remember - we ship within 5-7 days of receiving your order, and then the item has make it to you via USPS or Fedex, so make sure to order with enough time before your event! 

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Remember, in the Wilderness of Life, One Can Never Be Too Prepared!