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Shop Bonnie is a lifestyle brand for cool girls who like cute stuff. Our ever-expanding product line combines cheeky nods to pop culture with chic design. All of our products feature original artwork by Bonnie Bryant O’Connor. 

Shop Bonnie started in 2012 when our founder Bonnie Bryant O’Connor was stuck in 1L year of law school, SERIOUSLY regretting her life choices. Instead of paying attention in Civ Pro, she began the business plan for what became Shop Bonnie, working on products and marketing plans for years on the back of napkins, while stuck on the Long Island Railroad, and after hours at her nine-to-five jobs. With her trusty watercolor paints and iPad Pro, Bonnie now works full-time on Shop Bonnie and Bonnie Bryant Creative.


What's your return and exchange policy? Do you accept returns?

All of our return and exchange FAQs can be found here. 

How long does my order take to ship? What if I accidentally entered the wrong address at checkout? What if I haven't received my order? 

All of our shipping FAQs can be found here. 

Where do you ship?

We only ship to the United States at this time. 

What if I want to order a gift for my friend, but I don't know their size? 

We got you! Our Shop Bonnie gift cards are always the perfect fit ;) 

Can I customize a product? 

We offer some customizations on products if you'll be ordering 4 or more of the same item. Use the chat box on the right to inquire!

I like your style - what other work do you do? Can I hire you for graphic design and stuff? Or a custom commission? 

Yes! Check out our other work at Bonnie Bryant Creative, our "day job."

I'm a retailer and I want to wholesale your products. How do I do that? 

Omgggg we'd love that! Get in touch at heygirl@shopbonnie.com and we can chat! 

I want to license your products for our major retail store. How do I get in touch about that? 

Are all our dreams coming true?! Email us at heygirl@shopbonnie.com and we can chat!