Catskills Getaway Luxury Candle | Designed with Catskills artist Kathy Bryant

Catskills-based watercolor artist Kathy Bryant was inspired by the sweeping mountain views and pine forests of her hometown when designing this candle for Shop Bonnie. 

LOOKS LIKE: The epitome of country chic. The box itself is a keepsake work of art featuring Kathy's watercolor landscape. Stars dart across the night sky while a moon hangs over the mountains. Inside is an amber glass container with our fir-and-fireplace scented candle, topped with sustainably harvested pine cones. Each candle has a wood wick for that authentic crackling sound (plus, no need to trim it!). The Catskills Getaway Candle also comes with a wood lid tucked into the box. 

SMELLS LIKE: A warm, cozy evening by the fireside - fir trees and a hint of woodiness, the fragrance lingers in your home to make it feel like a Catskills A-frame year round. 

GIVE IT AS: A gift for anyone who grew up in, moved to, or is missing the Catskills.

THE DETAILS: This candle is 11 oz of pure glamour. It stands at 3.5" high and is approximately 3.25" in diameter. Candles are made of 100% soy wax, free of any dyes, and are hand-poured in the USA. Packaging and labels are designed by Bonnie Bryant O'Connor and printed by a small family business on Long Island, New York. All embellishments atop each candle are hand-applied in-house. Thank you to Panache Gifts for lending us her gorgeous wares for our photos! 

  • $32.00