Disco Queen Luxury Candle

This luxury candle is for the person who either wishes they were alive during the heyday of 70s disco, or was alive and wishes they could go back. 

LOOKS LIKE: It should be on the shelf in the bathroom of Studio 54. The two-piece box is black matte with a sparkling label reminiscent of a disco ball. Nestled inside is a beautiful black glass candle topped with real silver leaf and eco-friendly plant-based silver glitter. Our candle has a wood wick for that authentic crackling sound (plus, no need to trim it!).

SMELLS LIKE: Your best outfit, biggest hair, and highest platforms; a look across the dance floor from a gorgeous somebody; making it past the velvet rope; The 21st Night of September; a heady mix of cologne and cocktails and sweat; glitter on the dance floor; New Year's Eve every single night; young hearts running free. Who cares if your feet hurt? You're the Disco Queen, baby. (AKA the sexiest scent you've ever smelled: tobacco leaf mixed with the sensual florals of ylang ylang)

GIVE IT AS: A gift for the person who loves the nightlife, who's got to boogie. 

THE DETAILS: Our candle is 11 oz of pure fabulousness. It stands at 3.5" high and is approximately 3.25" in diameter. Candles are made of 100% soy wax, free of any dyes, and are hand-poured in the USA. Our packaging and labels are designed by Bonnie Bryant O'Connor and printed by a small family business on Long Island, New York. We source our plant-based glitter from a US-based woman-owned small business. We hand-apply all the embellishments atop each candle ourselves. Thank you to Panache Gifts for lending us her gorgeous wares for our photos! 

  • $32.00