Fancy B Luxury Candle

This luxury candle is for the fanciest person you know - the one who knows the coolest new restaurants (and how to get in), whose outfit is always on point, and is somehow good at everything from cooking a soufflé to arranging flowers. 

LOOKS LIKE: Don't ever accuse us of not being extra. We've gone all out with this candle - the custom packaging is on thick, creamy paper with shiny gold foil stamped into it. We've added flakes of real gold leaf on top of the candle itself. Each candle comes in a stunning two-piece box with a beautiful "Fancy Bitch" label across the top and sides, and the candle itself is in an 11 oz glass container with a beautiful label on the front. 

SMELLS LIKE: your grandmother's velvet-lined jewelry box full of treasures that you were only allowed to peek at on special occasions, a vintage fur coat with the original owner's monogram, delicately stitched in the silk lining, the soft pop of a fresh tin of Osetra Gold caviar, the creamy taste of a chilled bottle of Dom, the subtle sparkle of a step cut diamond, the finer things in life, la dolce vita, the fruits of your labor. (AKA a delicate blend of white tea and light notes of citrus with hints of deeper amber on the base. 

GIVE IT AS: A gift for the fancy bitch in your life (or a treat-yourself present if you're the fanciest bitch you know). 

THE DETAILS: Our candle is 11 oz of pure glamour. It stands at 3.5" high and is approximately 3.25" in diameter. Candles are made of 100% soy wax, free of any dyes, and are hand-poured in the USA. Our packaging and labels are designed by Bonnie Bryant O'Connor and printed by a small family business on Long Island, New York. We source our plant-based glitter from a US-based woman-owned small business. We hand-apply all the embellishments atop each candle ourselves. Thank you to Panache Gifts for lending us her gorgeous wares for our photos! 

  • $32.00