Party Girl Luxury Candle | Designed with Leonora Benza of Yellow Heart Art

This luxury candle is for anyone in your life who deserves a little celebrating: maybe it's their birthday, maybe they got a new job, maybe it's a random weekday and you just want to send your bestie some love.

It was designed with one of our besties, the illustrious Leonora Benza of Yellow Heart Art. Leonora designed the packaging to reflect her unique creative style, filled with color and fun. 

LOOKS LIKE: A party in a box! The colorful packaging features whimsical confetti and balloon animals, and would be the perfect thing to brighten up your desk (we designed it so you can keep it as decor!). Inside, the prosecco-scented candle is topped with confetti and eco-friendly, plant-based glitter. Our candle has a wood wick for that authentic crackling sound (plus, no need to trim it!).

SMELLS LIKE: The perfect gift from your bestie, celebrating everything, big and small, champagne on a Tuesday, ordering the birthday cake even when it's not your birthday, telling your friends "love you" when you hang up the phone (AKA the bubbly, effervescent scent of a glass of prosecco). 

GIVE IT AS: A gift for anyone who could use some confetti, prosecco, and a little bit of brightness. 

THE DETAILS: Our candle is 11 oz of pure party. It stands at 3.5" high and is approximately 3.25" in diameter. Candles are made of 100% soy wax, free of any dyes, and are hand-poured in the USA. Our packaging and labels are designed by Bonnie Bryant O'Connor and printed by a small family business on Long Island, New York. We source our plant-based glitter from a US-based woman-owned small business. We hand-apply all the embellishments atop each candle ourselves. Thank you to Panache Gifts for lending us her gorgeous wares for our photos! 

  • $32.00