Troop Beverly Hills Merit Badge Sweatshirt | Troop Beverly Hills Logo Sweatshirt

*Halloween 2023 Deadline: Order by 10/17!*

 This Troop Beverly Hills sweatshirt is for the girl who wishes she could be Phyllis Nefler. You've seen other Troop Beverly Hills shirts, but this is an original, baby - it's inspired by the film and iconic Beverly Hills sign, and hand-drawn by Bonnie Bryant O'Connor. This sweatshirt is great to wear anytime you want a little rustic glamour, on your next glamping trip, or as a Troop Beverly Hills costume or cosplay.

Original copyrighted design by Bonnie Bryant O'Connor.

Features all of the awards Phyllis awarded on the yacht ceremony in the film, including Friendship Badge, Sushi Appreciation Badge, Shopping Badge, Gardening with Glamour Badge, Jewelry Appraisal Badge, Fire Appreciation Badge, and the International Affairs Badge.

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