Sex and the City Worst Miranda Hobbes Outfits Mug

If you’ve watched “Sex and the City” ten zillion times like we have, you’ve often found yourself saying, “WTF is Miranda WEARING?!” out loud more than once. The Sex and the City costumers really did poor Miranda Hobbes dirty, and we can’t get enough.

This mug features original illustrations of some of Miranda’s most heinous outfit choices, including the infamous overalls-and-puffy-coat ensemble, the classic skirt-suit-sneakers-and-mushroom-cut look, the concerning windbreaker-under-a-bucket-hat moment, and the time she wore a silk maxi skirt with Mary Janes and yet another long windbreaker. Oh, Miranda. Never change.

The image of the print is to show off the full artwork - It fully wraps around the mug, with all four of Miranda’s worst outfits on each mug.

  • $20.00